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URBANATIX – Drop The Beat

URBANATIX’s show ‘DROP THE BEAT‘ played from November 11th till November 22nd 2016. A total of 17.000 spectators visit the show within the 12 shows performed!


To shape the future, you need visionary ideas. URBANATIX can be seen as such a visionary idea in many ways. Consisting of urban and artistry, URBANATIX for the first time unites the illustrious world of the international art scene with rough, authentic urban youth culture in a progressive on-and-off-stage concept.

The initiative idea and project was created in 2010 by Christian Eggert and his agency DACAPO KULTUR OFFENSIV in Bochum, located in the middle of the Ruhr Metropolis, the fourth largest contiguous urban area in Europe after cities such as Moscow, London and Paris. Subcultural youth scenes has become a stronghold of urban arts such as parkour, free running, biking, tricking, dance and an distinguished location for video and music artists. With URBANATIX, Christian Eggert wanted to focus on the skills and creativity of urban youth culture in the region and bring them together and develop the potential of young bikers, dancers, tricksters and designers in a project that spans scenes, cultures and societies.