How we work

Michael believes that consistency is key to deliver first class show service. First class show service can only succeed with the right mentality, being passionate and positive driven. Persistence, creative, innovative, perfection, teamwork, transparent, solution- and goal-oriented are the must ingredients for Michael in order to become successful with the talent that is given.

Therefore it is important that we map out our foundation regarding on how we work for and with our clients. 


To begin with, once we have received your inquiry, one of our team members will review and process your information. Your information shall be briefed first hand to Michael as he wants to be involved from the start. These steps are done in order for us to get back to you within 48 hours.


Once we will get back to you, we will start asking you some more detailed questions depending on the nature of your project in order for us to move forward into the creative process. For example, which show act would be the right fit for your production or perhaps a tailor-made performance to highlight your brand or company.

Creative Concept

After our intern strategy planning, we shall move forward developing the concept. The creative concept will be consulted with you and seek if there is a need to make any modifications based on your feedback. The concept will be modified and will be presented to you as 'Presentation #2' and is still open for modifications in order to polish the final details and finalize the concept.

Concept Finalization

Great! We've finalized our concept that contains all information (incl. quotation) and shall be proposed to you. You will have a decent 14 days to consider to accept or decline our proposal. Inquiries on urgent matters, we will do our best to calculate and give you a respectful timeframe to make your decision. The moment we have your approval, we can move forward.


Implementing the concept into production can be time consuming and stressful. This is the chapter where Michael values his 'must ingredients' the most. Michael will start doing his pre-preparations in order to be well prepared as soon as he touch first base with your team on location. This will enlighten the process of all preparations and have it run smoothly for spectacular results!


This is the moment where you have been waiting for. Witness Michael in action. SHOWTIME!

All of this will be underpinned with the right approach and open mind, as we are aware there are many directions to getting this right. That’s why, for the perfect fit, we will listen carefully to your wishlist and ensure we both understand your audience and your value proposition before we make any recommendations.

This is our formula on the back end and let the action speaks for itself on stage. We look forward working with you!

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