Beat the Best - Finals

Beat the Best - Semi Final

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Beat The Best – Finals

Beat the Best is a PRO-talent show where candidates compete against each other in three categories and are judged by the  jury member of their category. The three categories are: Music, Dance and Variety. The jury members of Beat the Best are Jeroen van Koningsbrugge for category ‘Variety’, Angela Groothuizen for category ‘Music and Timor Steffens for category ‘Dance’. The tv show was broadcasted by RTL 4.

There are 4 contestants competing in each category against each other and the jury member of their category will decide who will be the winner of their category. Once the winners from each category is announced, the independent audience members in the studio shall give their vote who they favorite the most and is the best from the 3 category winners. Those who received the most votes is the winner of the Semi-final round of Beat the Best and will go to the finals. In the finals, there shall be 10 contestants competing against each other and the winner of Beat the Best wins the grand prize of €50.000,-. The show is hosted by Gordon and Chantal Janzen.

Out of the total of 12 contestants, Michael won the Semi-final round and was advanced to the FINALS where he had the chance to become the winner of BEAT THE BEST 2012 with a money prize of €50.000,-. The finals took place at the most prestigious known theater of the Netherlands, the Royal Theatre ‘CARRÉ’.